Some More Helpful Tips For Holiday Home Owners During This Time.

With the Covid-19 pandemic and tourism being put on halt, we know you are continuously looking for tips on what you can do to make the most of this down time.

We are here to help! 

  1. Consider cutting back on cable and TV subscriptions such as Netflix.
  2. If you have a landline in your holiday property, have it cut.
  3. If you have a full kitchen at your property, consider turning off all appliance like your refrigerator, to save on your energy bills.
  4. If you use the services of a gardener, pool cleaner, housekeeper, reduce how often they come.
  5. Take previous reviews into consideration and make according updates.
  6. Improve your listing site descriptions and photos.
  7. Though international travel is still banned, locals are still a great target audience. Lower your rates to attract “staycationers”.
  8. Defer on mortgage payments if you can.

“It might be stormy now, but rain doesn’t last forever.”

We are here to help. If you have any questions or would like to get assistance tailored to you, we are a click or call away.


Tips For Holiday Home Owners At This Time

As we face the effects of social distancing and travel bans, here are a few tips to consider and some things you can do during this down time to prepare for bookings  after the pandemic.

1. If you have any guests still check-in, encourage them to take all safety precautions, stay inside and listen to the local new for updates. You can recommend that they follow the Grenada Ministry of Health on Facebook for instant updates.

2. If you have had guests recently, ensure that you do a through cleaning and sanitation of the property. Ensure that safety precautions are taken by anyone entering the property post check-out, wear gloves and a face masks.

3. For vacant properties, ensure that you or your property manager do your usual checks of the property when possible to ensure that no new maintenance issues are left unresolved.

4. Use this downtime to take care of any pre-existing issues that can be resolved by you or a trusted maintenance person who will take all health and safety precautions.

5. Make a plan to do any upgrades to your property that will put it at the top of the “properties to book” list of every potential guest. Consider replacing old furniture and linens, a new paint job, upgrading your kitchen appliances. Feel free to contact us for recommendations.

6. Prepare to have more local guests as “outside re-opens”. As we are all stuck inside, everyone is dreaming of their next vacation. As travel may still be restricted or a scary thought for some, locals are going to look at booking stay-cations to give them the holiday feel without the risk of travel. We can recommend local deals or specials you can offer to attract these hassle-free bookings.

7. The holiday rental game is definitely at a stand still for now, but you can always look at putting your property into the long term rental pool to see if anyone bites in the meantime. Keep your options open to moving between the two markets to get you the right guest or tenant.

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Contact us via email or telephone with any questions or queries you may have. We are working from home to as we continue to improve our operating systems and procedures in anticipation of a greater rental season post Covid-19.

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SUNSCREEN, CAP/SUNHAT & SUNGLASSES: the sunshine is probably one of the reasons you’re coming, but if you’re not careful it can cause some damage to your skin and eyes.

BUG REPELLENT: you are going to come in contact with a mosquito or two, repellents with DEET are advised for maximum protection.

MEDICATION: if you are on a regular medication regimen or allergic to bugs or certain plants, be sure to carry your required medicines.

CAMERA: you will definitely have lots of picture perfect moments on our beautiful island, ensure that your cameras have enough space to capture it all.

SWIM WEAR: the beach is a must on any Caribbean vacation, be sure to visit as many of our beaches as possible, each has its own personality.

LIGHTWEIGHT CLOTHING: to be comfortable in the humid climate, breathable, linen and cotton clothing is recommended. It is important to note that clothing with the camouflage print is prohibited by law as it is reserved for a specific law enforcement group.

COMFY SHOES: if you’re coming to explore the island and its sights (highly recommended), be warned that the island is very hilly and mountainous. Comfy tennis shoes is recommended.

MONEY: Credit cards are accepted by many local retailers but if you are keen on supporting local street and market vendors (highly recommended) cash is necessary. USD is widely accepted on island but any currency can be exchanged for local XCD at the airport’s currency exchange and most banks.

2019 Events You Don’t Want to Miss!

You may have visited with us before and no doubt plan on coming back to our beautiful island or plan on visiting for the first time in the future.

Why not make the trip this year?

Here are some fun events that you can consider planning your visit around.

  • February 25th & 27th : One Day Internationals- West Indies Vs England
  • March 4th & 5th : Carriacou Carnival   
  • April 13th : 3rd annual Grenada Invitational Track and Field meet
  • April 26th : 10th Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival
  • May 5th : 4th Annual Uncorked Beer & Wine Festival
  • May 10th & 11th : Petite Martinique Maroon & Heritage Weekend
  • May 20th – 27th : Flavours of Grenada Food Festival
  • May 31st – 7th June : Grenada Chocolate Festival
  • June 7th – 10th : Petite Martinique Whitsuntide Regatta
  • August 2nd – 5th : 54th annual Carriacou Regatta
  • August 12th & 13th : Grenada Carnival – Spicemas
  • September 29th – October 4th : Pure Grenada Dive Fest
  • October 27th : Carriacou Corn Festival
  • December 13th – 15th : Carriacou Parang Festival

Feel free to contact us for more information, assistance with tickets, recommendations on other fun things to do during your trip and of course, the perfect holiday home

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