SUNSCREEN, CAP/SUNHAT & SUNGLASSES: the sunshine is probably one of the reasons you’re coming, but if you’re not careful it can cause some damage to your skin and eyes.

BUG REPELLENT: you are going to come in contact with a mosquito or two, repellents with DEET are advised for maximum protection.

MEDICATION: if you are on a regular medication regimen or allergic to bugs or certain plants, be sure to carry your required medicines.

CAMERA: you will definitely have lots of picture perfect moments on our beautiful island, ensure that your cameras have enough space to capture it all.

SWIM WEAR: the beach is a must on any Caribbean vacation, be sure to visit as many of our beaches as possible, each has its own personality.

LIGHTWEIGHT CLOTHING: to be comfortable in the humid climate, breathable, linen and cotton clothing is recommended. It is important to note that clothing with the camouflage print is prohibited by law as it is reserved for a specific law enforcement group.

COMFY SHOES: if you’re coming to explore the island and its sights (highly recommended), be warned that the island is very hilly and mountainous. Comfy tennis shoes is recommended.

MONEY: Credit cards are accepted by many local retailers but if you are keen on supporting local street and market vendors (highly recommended) cash is necessary. USD is widely accepted on island but any currency can be exchanged for local XCD at the airport’s currency exchange and most banks.

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